Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google Suggest: Fast – Faster - Fastest

Everybody had a common child-hood passion for fast things: speedy cars, trains, roller coasters, monstertrucks & a lot more. That is what makes us so excited to use the new faster Google Suggest, since it saves a hell lot of time, giving suggestions as we type the searches.

Here are some new and useful features introduced with Google Suggest by the geniuses of Google land:

Suggestions on result pages

Previously, Google only showed suggestions based on your original search inputs. Now, when you make a search from a result page, Google provide suggestions that relate to the current results page. See in the example below, if your previous search was for roller coasters, when you begin a new query the first few suggestions are still related to roller coasters — helping you refine your search queries to quickly find what you want.

Personalized suggestions
trying to remember that query which gave you the best results? You're not alone! Now, if you're signed in with your Google account and have Web History enabled, it may show some of your relevant past searches as you type. Personalized suggestions will make it easier and faster to repeat searches that worked before. Or, if you need to step away in the middle of a search task, this will help you continue your search tasks at a later time.

You can remove a personalized suggestion that you do not like by clicking "Remove", which will remove the search from your Web History. You can also remove searches from your
Web History directly, manage Query Suggestions on the preferences page, or sign out of your Google account entirely to stop seeing personalized suggestions.

Navigational suggestions
If your first keystrokes indicate that you may be looking to navigate directly to a specific site, Google will list it and send you straight there if you click on it.

Sponsored links in suggestions
Similar to the navigational suggestions above, sometimes Google detect that the most relevant completion for what you're typing is an ad. When an ad is shown, Google mark it with the text "Sponsored Link" and a colored background, as on the results page.

Google is also introducing a couple more changes to Suggest: it will no longer show the result count for items in the suggest box and now bold the text of suggestions to help you more quickly scan the list. To learn more about Google Suggest, check out the help center.